Queen Bee Holiday Market

We’re so excited to be a part of this year’s Queen Bee Holiday Shopping Event… A 2-day art and craft show dedicated to all the best of San Diego.

Unlike any other craft fair or boutique in the San Diego area, the Queen Bee Market features vendors from all over the handmade scene. With purses, jewelry, home decor, children’s items, accessories, baby products and more- there’s something for everyone.

6,000 sq feet at the Del Mar Hilton in the Ballroom!!
Day 1: Friday, November 12th @ 4pm to 9pm
Day 2: Saturday, November 13th @ 9am to 4pm

There is no cost to attend so just come on by, say hello to us, and shop away!!

More event details can be found on our Facebook page!

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White Apple Threads Friends

As you know, a large percentage of our customers are blissed out brides-to-be!  We absolutely love these girls!  One bride in particular, Meghan, delighted us by sending a couple of pictures of her smoking hot bridesmaids showing off their brand new White Apple Threads tote bags in hot Hawaii!

If you’re a bride who’s ordered bags for your bachelorette party or for your wedding guests, we’d love to see some snapshots from your big event!  Or maybe your not a bride, but just a regular ‘ol Joe or Jane…. Show us pictures of where you are and what you do with your favorite White Apple gear.  We totally love seeing you guys sport your fave tote bag, messenger bag, or casbah bag with smiling faces!  You can email us pics or upload the photos directly to our Facebook page, so all our friends can see!

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Fun Wedding Accents: Parasols!

Whether your day is full of sun and you want to help keep your guests both feeling and looking cool…

Or just trying to keep everyone dry under the misty fog…

Or maybe you’re just looking to add pops of bright colors in your ceremony…

Parasols are a fun, unique wedding accessory.

Check out Brelli for eco-friendly parasols that are all handmade using natural materials like bamboo, organic cotton and our own biodegradable plastic.  Also, don’t forget about our eco-friendly, custom wedding specials, always available in the shop!

[Photos via: Max Wanger, Jaime Delaine, and Katie Day]

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Jazzed About Our Kids Event

When Heather contacted me with interest in purchasing one of our Market Totes for her school fundraiser event, I instantly leaped out of my chair in joy!  We love supporting local schools, and knew that we’d be able to make whatever she wanted happen!  The event she is putting on is called, “Jazzed About Our Kids.”  The Jazzed About Our Kids ESC Fundraiser Celebration will raise funds to help supplement a very special enrichment program unique to the Del Mar Union School District called the Extended Studies Curriculum (ESC). The ESC program touches our children daily by providing credentialed teachers in art, music, physical education, science, and technology. All proceeds from the Jazzed About Our Kids ESC Fundraiser Celebration will go to the Del Mar Schools Education Foundation (DMSEF) to help keep these outstanding programs at Del Mar Heights School.  To read more about the event, check out their website.

Heather told me she was planning on putting together a coffee themed basket for the fundraiser and very much wanted a unique way to hold the items versus using a predictable basket.  And wallah, the White Apple Threads’ Market Totes came to the rescue!  As I’ve mentioned before, our brides absolutely love using the totes as welcome gifts for their out of town guests, so it makes sense to also use the bags as “welcome” gifts in other events!

Heather plans to use the Bella Market Tote for her coffee theamed gift “basket”.  This adult only event includes a silent auction, food & drink, as well as live music and entertainment and is being held at a private home in Del Mar on November 5th.  The event will also be hosting a giveaway throughout the evening. If you’re a local resident to San Diego and plan to attend, be sure to check out the Mykel Market Tote for your chance to win!  Anyone can purchase tickets.  Come one, come all & what better way to get yourself in the holiday spirit!

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What 1 eco-friendly change will you vow to do?!

New seasons always activate my brain.  Maybe it’s because change is all around me that I start to wonder…. what can I do to change for the positive?  White Apple Threads is very clear in our mission to dedicate ourselves and our business to environmental responsibility.  With every new year, people decide to take on resolutions, how they can better themselves…  But why not make changes to better your surroundings with new seasons? 

So we’ve decided to challenge you guys!  Can you make one small (or one gigantic!) change this fall to help improve your environment?  We bet you can!

Here are seven simple ideas we quickly came up with:
1.  Change out your light bulbs for energy efficient bulbs.
2. With the chilly air right around the corner, why not hold off on activating the heat, and instead pile on the blankets and snuggle up to your secret crush!
3. Do whatever you need to do, so you remember to ALWAYS bring reusable bags when shopping at the market. Leave a post-it note in the car. Leave bags in the backseat. Write a note on your shopping list. Anything! After a few times, this will become a habit and you won’t need to think twice!
4. Stop buying plastic water bottles! Vow to invest in a Sigg or Nalgene bottle.
5. Bring your travel coffee mug or reusable cold coffee mug when visiting Starbucks or your local cafe.
6. Recycle magazines, junk mail, and even receipts!
7. Shop second hand for a month… see what cool finds you can discover!

We’d love to know what eco-friendly change you’ve decided to make for the month of October (& beyond!).  Also, why not share your ideas & tips on our Facebook page,  for easy, positive changes  everyone else can make!  And at the end of the month, let’s plan to give eachother a high-five for our awesomeness!

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It’s true. We do custom totes!

Are you looking for custom eco-friendly bags for your business?  Or maybe you have a custom wedding logo and you’d like to give welcome gifts to your out of town guests?  Or maaaybe, just maybe, you really just want your very own, super rad, super one-of-a-kind tote bag to wear & show off to friends & strangers?  We wouldn’t blame you, if you did.

Custom Totes

We’re happy to tell you that we LOVE working with out customers on custom bags.   We’ll use your design, words, or monogram and print it on our recycled coffee totes.  You may also choose the fabric liner and handle colors of your choice.  You can even send us your own fabric for the liners!  Super sweet, right?!!

Visit our shop or simply shoot us an email to place your custom order today!

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Calling out to all you lovely brides-to-be!

All of our “Wedding Specials” are now available in the shop.  Custom eco friendly totes with your choice of design!  Orders are available in quantities of 3 totes, 6 totes, 9 totes, and 12 totes!  However, we are always more than happy to accommodate whatever quantity you need!  Shoot us an email today to place an order for wedding.  These upcycled bags make sweet gifts for your bridesmaids, wedding guests, out of town guests, or the bride herself!

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WhiteAppleThreads.com, now live

Karma T-Shirt in PomegranateToday our site went live.  We’ve been super busy keeping keeping the store stocked with goodies, and we just didn’t have time to get the website up and running.  Now that the site is live, we’ll be uploading new items, like our brand new T-shirts.  We’ll also try to keep you updated on what we’re up to around the studio…  Lastly, don’t forget to add us on Facebook for the latest updates and promos (like free shipping on shirts for a limited time, shhhhhh).

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