White Apple is a small clothing and accessories company, dedicated to environmental responsibility.  We are based, and produce all of our items, in sunny Ramona, California.

White Apple is brought to you by Jennifer and Josh.  We want to bring you a wider variety of eco friendly, yet affordable choices in clothing and accessories.  As young idealists, we became disheartened by many practices and items within the clothing industry.  Most clothing companies produce their products in China, with unfair labor standards, and toxic inks, then ship them half way around the globe to US markets.  Some companies are making great efforts to produce “green” products with organic cotton, or hemp.  However, many of those green items costs twice as much, including those made from recycled materials!

At White Apple, we believe you truly can create eco friendly goods for the entire family without compromising your values or your environment.

We promise to:
Use environmentally friendly textiles (recycled, recyclable, or sustainable)
Manufacture all of our items in the United States
Buy finished goods from manufacturers who do the same
Source materials locally if possible

Jennifer & Josh

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